Saturday, October 8, 2016

Simonides' claim to be the creator of Codex Sinaiticus continues to strengthen

Chris Pinto's radio show on 10/4/16, Codex Sinaiticus Revisited is a review and update of the evidence for Constantine Simonides' claim to have been the author of Codex Sinaiticus, a claim that grows more solid as others have done their own research based on Chris' work and become convinced of Simonides' claim.   I pray that his work will become instrumental in setting the Church free of what is in fact a huge lie foisted on Christian scholarship that serves only to undermine the authority of the Bible.

Chris is proving himself to be a dogged researcher capable of solving important historical mysteries, in this case overturning the accepted explanations of the status of Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus as authentic ancient manuscripts.   But all his documentaries have that stamp of original research, all reveal something important that goes against the accepted understanding, such as the character of the American founding, such as the influence of Alfred Kinsey. 

(Incidentally, he also deserves credit for solving the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones monument, actually tracking down the man who created it, and recording his investigation in the documentary Dark Clouds Over Elberton.  I found the revelation of the philosophical bent of its creator surprising myself, but it all hangs together.)

The evidence for Simonides' claims includes the validation of his credentials as a genuine paleographer and scholar of ancient manuscripts,  his legal acquittal of the charge of forgery, and Tischendorf's retraction of that accusation when he came to see that Simonides' Greek copy of the Shepherd of Hermas was genuine, and identical to the copy included in Codex Sinaiticus; as well as the testimony of a Greek monk who knew Tischendorf, exposing his story about finding the manuscript as a lie; and knew that Simonides was its author; plus the credibility of his own defense which was published in a London newspaper.  Chris reviews all this and probably more that I've forgotten. 

Eventually those who insist on dismissing Simonides should have to change their minds.

And I'm sure Chris depends on the Lord to guide him.  New revelations of the sort he produces show God's handiwork it seems to me.

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