Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is the Majority Text of the Bible?

Here's today's radio show from Chris Pinto, The Majority Texts of the Bible in which he covers reasons not to trust the so-called Majority Texts, or the latest Bible manuscript finds such as the Bodmer papyri.  The suspicious circumstances of the finding of the Bodmer papyri raises the very real possibility of forgery.

I'm very grateful for Chris Pinto who keeps opening up new avenues of investigation into these things.

The show was prompted by his receiving an email about a man who said he was giving up on the King James Bible because it doesn't represent the Majority Texts as well as some of the modern versions do.  Chris answers that this is a mistake, as the Textus Receptus on which the King James is based does represent the Majority Texts far better than the modern versions do.   Also the Majority Texts really only make use of some 414 manuscripts out of the over five thousand Byzantine type texts we have, and of course they also include the bogus corrupt Vaticanus and Sinaiticus texts.