Monday, March 26, 2012

Westcott and Hort tools of the Jesuit Conspiracy to destroy the Bible?

Chris Pinto's films have turned out to be an incredibly inspiring and informative experience for me, first about the history of America, which also brought out the role of secret societies in world affairs -- pointing toward the world government and world religion of the last days as prophesied in the Bible.

And now I just finished watching the first part of his film on the history of the Bible, A Lamp in the Dark. I wasn't in a hurry to see that film because I figured I know a lot about Bible history, but I should have known better. Yes I know quite a bit but trust Pinto to show me connections that I never would have guessed. Here I've had the idea the one I would want to see is the next on this subject that he is working on now, Tares Among the Wheat, where I expect him to get more into the issues of the modern Bibles that this blog is about, but toward the end of Lamp he suggested enough unexpected connections to knock me for a loop already.

Is it possible the horrific mess this blog is about, the disastrous Revision of 1881 and all the disastrous translations that have fed off it ever since, IS THE RESULT OF A JESUIT CONSPIRACY TO DESTROY THE BIBLE? It really looks like that could be so.

The Antichrist nature of the Roman Catholic Church is Pinto's main theme. It's all coming together for the last of the last days.

All Christians should see this film.

Here's the link to Chris Pinto's Adullam FIlms where you can get the DVDs.

And I see that his latest two radio broadcasts are on the Bible too. They weren't up earlier when I looked so I'll have to hear them tomorrow: LINK

Update on Chris Pinto's soon-to-be-released film, "Tares Among the Wheat."

Signed up for notices from Adullam Films and just got this one. I get the impression that the revelations about the new Bible versions are going to be more startling than I had any idea. Sinaiticus not an ancient manuscript after all? Hm.

Anyway, here's what the update says:
“Tares Among the Wheat” is likely going to challenge what most believers in the Christian community think about Bible history, and the origin of the current wave of new translations that have flooded churches around the world. As we showed in “Lamp,” the true culprit in corrupting the Bible is Rome and her Jesuit priests who are determined to darken the words of Holy Scripture, so that they will not be properly understood. We remind our brethren that this was something the King James committee warned of in their introduction to the 1611 translation. The progression of paraphrased bibles has opened the door to all sorts of apostate translations, including a gay bible, a gender neutral bible, a bible that omits the word “Son” (so as not to offend Muslims), and even one that has removed the word “antichrist” (we suppose, in order to help him overtake the world).

In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript called Codex Sinaiticus. The work was allegedly “discovered” by a German scholar named Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared this to be the oldest Bible ever found. Tischendorf said he found the work in a trash bin at a Greek Orthodox monastery. While many in the academic world did not fully believe him, they were willing to accept his claims. But shortly after his discovery was published, a renowned Greek paleographer named Constantine Simonides came forward and declared that the manuscript was no ancient text at all, but had been created in 1840. The controversy that followed is, perhaps, the most incredible untold chapter in Bible history. It involves Jesuits, the Pope, a high-minded German, a committee of Anglo Romanists, and a mysterious Greek patriot. It is a story that (while quite true and well documented) a vast majority of modern academics know nothing about. Yet the subject matter dramatically impacts the world of biblical scholarship, even to this present hour.

Please continue to pray for this work, as we believe it is greatly needed in our time. And when will it be finished? We are hoping to have it completed in the next six weeks, but will continue to labor as the Lord leads us.
He refers to the earlier film on this same subject, A Lamp in the Dark, and here's a link to it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chris Pinto's new film "Tares Among the Wheat" is where he will investigate the 1881 disaster

So I'm happy to report -- and grateful too -- that today's (March 21) broadcast of Chris Pinto's radio show Noise of Thunder is on Bible History, and he did talk about the work he's currently involved in that should reveal some behind-the-scenes influences on our modern Bibles. This will be part of his film now in production titled Tares Among the Wheat.

Today's broadcast includes a lot of good information on the trustworthiness of the Bible documents. I gather he believes that the Alexandrian texts really were influenced by heretics in the early church, as did J W Burgon, and that will no doubt be covered in more detail in the film.

He puts much emphasis on Catholic -- Jesuit -- influence on the modern Bibles. Westcott and Hort revealed quite a bit of sympathy with the Roman Church themselves, not enough to suggest a Roman Catholic conspiracy behind their destructive work on the Bible Revision of 1881, but I would guess that Chris Pinto has unearthed some connections along those lines.

Chris Pinto's documentary films are really inspiring and informative productions and I'm particularly looking forward to this one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Vatican behind the proliferation of Bibles?

Haven't seen any more about new revelations about the modern Bibles from Chris Pinto but on his radio show for March 19th he remarks that he believes all the new Bibles are part of a plan to make the true Bible unrecognizable (he says this in a short section of the program from about 2:40 to about 7:30). He attributes the plan to the Vatican. If he has specific evidence about efforts in this direction I'd love to hear it, but I'm already convinced something destructive of the Bible and of the Church is going on -- although I usually don't attribute it to a conspiracy.

It may well be the case, however: Pinto has recently convinced me of other conspiracies that are certainly taking us to a New World Order and the rule of Antichrist, so why not this too?

Some think the aim of the new Bibles is to deceive people with particular New Age translations. He on the other hand thinks the plan is to progressively make the Bible more and more a paraphrase. That may be so but it seems to me that the simple fact of having so many different Bibles has already achieved the aim of destroying the Bible for many, because already we have a babel of tongues created in the churches by the use of many different "translations" even in one congregation.

Beyond that, some of the translations do insinuate an altered message into the minds of readers. Where did I recently see the statistic that 34% of Christians use the NIV, probably the worst of the false Bibles out there, so bad that almost every church I've been in has warned against it, even though they have no problem with many of the other translations.

So I was glad to hear this from Chris Pinto and I hope he does have some inside information on the creation of these bogus Bibles that I'll eventually get to hear.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Upcoming Revelations about Westcott and Hort from Chris Pinto?

Chris Pinto, whose revelations of the -- organized intentional sophisticated -- satanic/pagan underpinnings of just about everything in the world have been knocking the wind out of me for a few weeks now, gave a hint recently that one of his upcoming projects is going to cast the same kind of light on our Bibles. Westcott and Hort I'm guessing. I keep away from the usual accusations of W&H as occultists and so on because I just don't have access to the necessary evidence (and neither do some who don't let that bother them but make the accusation anyway). I'm content to point out what W&H did to the Bible, which is indictment enough of evil intentions.

But when Pinto does research his research sticks. He leaves no stone unturned. It appears that he actually reads through voluminous documents that most just wouldn't take the time for, being content to find a few relevant quotes here and there instead. He gets questions answered that it hadn't even occurred to you to ask. He gets deeply into the lives of the people involved, tracks down any likely affiliation. He finds connections that take him all over the world and far down history. He musters representatives of both sides of the argument and you end up with NO doubt that all kinds of stuff you felt uneasy about but couldn't really pin down has literal intentional Satanic roots. Satan truly is the "prince of this world" in a far more literal sense than we usually let ourselves suspect, and just about ubiquitous too, with his hand in just about *everything.* So if Pinto calls out Westcott and Hort for such affiliations I won't be a bit surprised and I'm looking forward to the revelations.