Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Codex Sinaiticus likely the creation of paleographer Constantine Simonides, not an authentic old manuscript at all

Wow, a paleographer called Constantine Simonides may turn out to be the linchpin to the whole controversy about the authenticity of the Alexandrian Greek Bible texts.

Chris Pinto brings out amazing information on this subject in two radio shows.  He says Simonides is always characterized as a forger but Pinto gives evidence that this is just a smear because Simonides has knowledge that would overthrow the authenticity of Codex Sinaiticus, claiming to have been the actual maker of that manuscript.  It wasn't a forgery but made to be a gift to the Czar (? I think he said Czar).  A series of letters in a British newspaper at the time, that apparently researchers into this subject usually overlook, exposes the likely truth.  And once again we see the dirty hands of Rome here in their campaign to discredit Simonides and undermine the true Bible.

Here's Part Two

And I'm sure there's still plenty more to be revealed in his forthcoming film Tares Among The Wheat.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Clips from TARES

Here are a few clips from Chris Pinto's new film, Tares Among the Wheat, about to be released -- by the end of next week he said on a recent radio show.

I'm eagerly looking forward to this film because I believe it's going to reveal some previously suppressed information about intentional tampering with the Greek manuscripts that now underlie our modern Bibles.

He's already said quite a bit about the film in a recent interview by Brannon Howse at Worldview Weekend, some interesting information.   The interview is dated September 20th and as always it will be free only for two weeks from that date.

(I only have one complaint about Pinto's films in general and this one as well:  the acting is sometimes not very good.  In this case Tischendorf is way overacted.  Oh well.  It's the information I'm interested in).

Monday, September 3, 2012

INTENTIONAL attacks on the Bible in the new versions. Yup, Conspiracy.

Chris Pinto's radio show today is Ian Paisley and The Bible of Antichrist about a Bible that came out in the 70s designed to undermine the Deity of Christ and faith in the Bible. A production of Rome of course. How they intentionally mistranslated parts of the Bible to create contradictions between one part and another, such as between Old Testament passages and the New Testament passages that refer to them.

Pinto says his new film Tares Among the Wheat shows how this attack on the Bible came about slowly over the centuries.

Many of today's Bibles continue the same practice, making many the Bibles of Antichrist.