Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's All Going Down, Isn't It?

I did originally have in mind collecting many of the various mistreatments of scripture that were the result of the Revision of 1881 but haven't been up to it lately. I suppose I may yet get to it, but meanwhile I'm more or less waiting and wondering if there will be more to the Simonides story to post about.

Whether Simonides' claims to be the author of Codex Sinaiticus turn out to be true or not, however, John Burgon has already made the case very well that Sinaiticus is corrupt and should not be taken seriously, leaving the KJV as the only trustworthy Bible.  Nevertheless, despite what seems to me and others to be such an excellent case against it, Sinaiticus continues to be held up by Academia as "the oldest and best" of the Greek manuscripts and therefore its destructive effect on the Bible unfortunately has a clear path.

Chris Pinto's most recent radio program Cardinal Dolan and the Bible Hunters discusses a BBC production, The Bible Hunters, which makes it quite explicit that Codex Sinaiticus all by itself has destroyed the grounds of faith in the Bible for many Christians.

The other part of his show addresses Cardinal Dolan's affirmation that despite all the usual Plausible Deniability the Pope is promoting civil unions for homosexuals.  These two subjects are related of course because once the Bible has been discredited nothing it says about homosexuality has to be taken seriously.  And as Pinto points out, once the Pope is understood to be supporting gay unions the path is clear for the persecution of Christians who continue to hold to the Biblical view of homosexuality as sin.  Already what was once understood to be an unnatural act even by nonChristians, that couldn't even be imagined to gain the support as a normal activity it has today, is now used as a weapon against Christians, branding us as bigots and "haters" who lack Christian "love" of all things.  Christendom, once so-called, is already battered and bleeding from the destruction of the Bible, now it's just a matter of lining up the remaining Christians in front of the execution squad.  The devil must be very proud of his work.

We've known it's coming for some time, but now it seems it could all come down very rapidly in the near future.  This Pope could very well be the last Pope and the final Antichrist must therefore be just around the corner.

I'd like to think we might still be able to turn many in the churches to the truth about these things.  There are far too many Christians who accept the authenticity of the Bible-killing Codex Sinaiticus.  And what grounds do we then REALLY have for winning others to Christ?  Some hold to the illusion that the Bible remains inerrant even as they embrace as authentic the bogus texts that prove it's not.   I don't have much hope that they can be turned of course, all this is happening so fast and it's so depressing it's even hard to pray about it. 

I want to hope, however.   But our real hope is in Christ anyway, whatever happens on this earth. 

Look up for your redemption draweth nigh.